About Us

Why did we begin? Why start a social skills group?

Two friends, who randomly met later in life, were talking about their job, as teachers usually do.  While conversing, they both laughed at the silly things that kids sometimes say and do.  It is often said by teachers, “You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it with your own two eyes.”   As they talked about curriculum and how they taught various content areas such as reading, writing, math, science, etc., they wondered….wouldn’t it be great if they could incorporate social skills, but knew in reality there just wasn’t enough time in the day.  As it is seen daily by teachers and parents we know children behave differently in various social situations due to fears and anxieties, likes and dislikes, learning styles and language acquisition.  So why not create a learning environment where children can safely acquire social/communication skills at their own pace they thought?   And with that, the idea for  Sensationally Social was born, and the rest is history!